Non-childcare Related Reimbursement

Please proceed to the "YOUR INFORMATION" section to fill our your reimbursement request.


If you need to make use of the Stipend Program*, what you would first do is seek your childcare provider on your own and pay them on the same day. Afterward, you will be able to submit a reimbursement request through the online form below. At this time, we are able to reimburse each family $10/hour for one child, plus an additional $5/hour for each sibling.

For one child - $10/hour
For two children - $15/hour
For three children - $20/hour
For four children - $25/hour

You may be able to find childcare that is more cost effective than what we are offering, and that is great! When you go to submit your request, you can enter your adjusted total there.

*The use of the Childcare Stipend Program is limited to all-leadership training events and for other gatherings where Staff has approved the use of the Stipend Program. The Stipend Program is not for general babysitting/childcare needs.


Proceed with the form below to submit your general reimbursement or to make use of the Childcare Stipend Program.

Name *
Phone *
--- For the CHILDCARE STIPEND PROGRAM, please include date of childcare, the Sojourn-related event/activity you attended, the number of children, and total hours.

Submitting Receipts

Only physical receipts or digital receipts in PDF format will be accepted

**Those requesting reimbursement for the Childcare Stipend Program need only submit the form and the necessary information above.

To provide original, physical receipts:

  • You can clip your receipts together for each reimbursement form; add a note to the front with your name and email address. Place them in JENAI'S mailbox in the 608 Aurora breakroom/kitchen.


To provide digital, PDF-format only receipts:

  1. Scan and email 1 PDF file containing all receipts for reimbursement to

  2. If you lack a scanner, download a scanning app to your phone that will turn photos of receipt into PDF format only. I recommend Scannable. When using Scannable:

    1. Take photos of your receipts so that they are all displayed at the bottom at once.

    2. Tap the blue CHECK button when done photographing/scanning all receipts.

    3. Rename file to your last name and the date by tapping “PHOTO” or “SCANNABLE DOCUMENT” at the bottom.

    4. Ensure that you see a PDF icon next to the Document Name. If you see the “mountains” icon, tap that until it is set to PDF.

    5. Tap send, then mail, and email to