Purchase request process

If you need to make a purchase request of Jenai, fill out and submit the form below. This form is specifically for food purchases or various ministry supply purchases. If "Pick Up" is required, you will need to be available to pick up your requested purchase. If delivery is required, it is assumed you will be available for delivery to made at 608.  You can make Amazon purchase requests by logging into the Amazon Business account or in the form below provided you post the links and the quantity you need. Amazon purchases will be made every Monday morning for Wednesday delivery (if possible). Please submit purchase requests at least 48 hours before you need them.

It is recommended that you check your budget balance before making purchase requests.

Name *
(List each exact item you need and the quantity. Be specific.) E.g. Bacon/Egg/Cheese Breakfast Tacos on flour - 8 Bean & Cheese Tacos on corn - 4 ....or if online purchase, you can post the link to the item you need and note the quantity needed ........(http://....com - 3, please)
By when do you need it? *
By when do you need it?
If not urgent, you can add that in the comments below.
E.g. Food for Communication Team Meeting, Lightbulbs for Men's Sanctuary Restroom, etc
You can type "unknown", but I will need to touch base with you before purchasing.
Please help me take the guess work out of your request