The Benevolence Fund

Each congregation within the Sojourn Houston family contributes to a centralized Benevolence Fund, an account earmarked for members and non-members in need of financial assistance. This fund is replenished primarily through individual donations, though some congregations contribute via their annual budgets.


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Policies & Procedures

The Benevolence Fund Policies and Procedures are summarized below. To read the entire document, click the button at the bottom.

  • At least one member of the household must be working, retired, disabled, or have a pending job placement. The Financial Stewardship Team may ask to review budgets, invoices, bank statements, etc.

  • Cash assistance requires Elder approval. Ordinarily, we pay bills directly or write a check when receipts are provided.

  • Any financial need less than $250 should be met by the Neighborhood Parish.

  • Each calendar year, assistance per family is limited to $1000 for Covenant Members and $500 for non-members engaged in a Neighborhood Parish. Exceptions may be made with Elder approval.

  • Covenant Members may also receive up to a $2,000 interest-free loan.

  • Donations specifically directed to an individual or family are not tax-deductible. Covenant members may give directly to the Benevolence Fund, but Sojourn is not thereby bound to render assistance.


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