Proceed with the form below to submit your general reimbursement or to make use of the Childcare Stipend Program.

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--- For the CHILDCARE STIPEND PROGRAM, please include date of childcare, the Sojourn-related event/activity you attended, the number of children, and total hours.

Submitting Receipts

Only physical receipts or digital receipts in PDF format will be accepted

**Those requesting reimbursement for the Childcare Stipend Program need only submit the form and the necessary information above.

To provide original, physical receipts:

  • You can clip your receipts together for each reimbursement form; add a note to the front with your name and email address. Place them in JENAI'S mailbox in the 608 Aurora breakroom/kitchen.


To provide digital, PDF-format only receipts:

  1. Scan and email 1 PDF file containing all receipts for reimbursement to

  2. If you lack a scanner, download a scanning app to your phone that will turn photos of receipt into PDF format only. I recommend Scannable. When using Scannable:

    1. Take photos of your receipts so that they are all displayed at the bottom at once.

    2. Tap the blue CHECK button when done photographing/scanning all receipts.

    3. Rename file to your last name and the date by tapping “PHOTO” or “SCANNABLE DOCUMENT” at the bottom.

    4. Ensure that you see a PDF icon next to the Document Name. If you see the “mountains” icon, tap that until it is set to PDF.

    5. Tap send, then mail, and email to