Neighborhood Parishes are groups of men, women, and children living as smaller expressions of the church, manifesting the redemptive presence of God to their neighbors.



Why is it important that I join a Neighborhood Parish?

Through Jesus’ work on the cross, God made a people who belonged to him and to one another. According to Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12, we are now one body under Christ and belong to each other. And belonging to a Parish is the way Sojourn lives out what we hear preached and taught from the pulpit. Joining and serving a Neighborhood Parish is how we obey what God has called us to do: make disciples. Ultimately, we want to stop GOING to church, and we want to start BEING the church.

How do I decide which Parish to visit?

Location is the most important thing to consider in choosing a Parish. Thus, we encourage you to join the parish family closest to your home. While most events and groups are based upon affinity or comfort, we’re hoping to facilitate close community and effective mission. In joining a parish that is close to you, you give yourself and those in your Parish greater opportunity to live life together. We want to demonstrate and declare the Gospel as a church body, not only as individual Christians.

Should I attend several Parish Gatherings until I feel comfortable joining?

While we understand that comfort is a large concern in social settings, the ultimate aim of a Neighborhood Parish is not to make sure that people are comfortable. The hope is that a group of dissimilar people would gather around a perfect God, learn to love one another with Jesus as their Savior and their example, and be challenged to share that news with others. To that end, we encourage you to visit the Neighborhood Parish closest to your home.

What if the closest Parish gathers on a night I’m unavailable?

If you have scheduling conflicts that keep you from attending the Parish Gathering closest to you, please visit the next closest Parish. Our main concern is that you are joining the church on its mission to demonstrate and declare the love of Jesus to our neighborhood!

What do I need to do before attending a gathering?

While there is nothing required of you before joining one of the parish gatherings, you are free to contact the Parish Leader on Sojourn Online before visiting to introduce yourself and ask any questions.


For any other questions, please email us.