Parish Leaders, as the leadership team at Sojourn Heights continues to grow, we are eager to adapt our systems for assessment, training, care, and leadership development. By structuring shared leadership into each parish, we are pursuing a sustainable model that fosters a culture of ownership and team-based ministry. We're asking all Parish Leaders to identify their Support Team Members (must be Covenant Members). Once they have agreed to fill the role, please take a moment to nominate them below. 

Parish Leaders *
Parish Leaders
This parish member is appointed to oversee communication and coordination within the parish. He/she coordinates the weekly potluck and works with the Parish Leaders to determine appropriate and timely group-wide announcements.
This parish member is appointed to oversee the connections process for guests. He/she coordinates with the Director of Connections to ensure that guests are effectively integrated into the life of the parish. In addition, he/she works to foster a culture of hospitality.
This parish member is appointed to mobilize the parish for service. In addition to looking for opportunities to serve the parish’s geographical neighbors, he/she works closely with the Justice & Mercy Team to coordinate service to the poor and marginalized in Houston.
This parish member is appointed to organizes both prayer and benevolence. He/she helps to foster a prayerful culture within the parish and coordinates with the parish members (and the Benevolence Fund, if necessary) to meet material needs within the parish.