The Forge for Families

The Forge for Families looks to Sojourn Heights to help in the following ways:

  • Providing Christ-centered mentors/ support roles for the High School ministry (The Set) primarily focusing on teens in Houston's third ward

  • Having parish families volunteer with Parent’s Night Out one Friday per month. Dates and times provided upon request/ interest. 

Requirements to serving:

  • Background checks are necessary to serve with students. Paperwork will be provided either by our Justicy & Mercy Team lead on upon arrival at The Forge for Families.

  • The Set - meets at the Forge for Families every Tuesday night from October- April from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

  • Mentors/Coaches - to be present every Tuesday night for the Set plus an additional 2 hours per week developing student relationships outside of the Set.  

3435 Dixie Drive
Houston, TX 77021
Instagram - @theforgeforfamilies

Justice & Mercy Team Lead for The Forge for Families
Paige Powell

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For more information on serving with The Forge for Families, please contact our team lead by filling out the volunteer application below:

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