Sojourn Kids is about more than babysitting. We create a safe, interactive environment for children to learn about Jesus and be nurtured in the Lord. Every week, our dedicated team illuminates the Word of God through age-appropriate lessons, crafts, and playtime. If you’d like to join the Sojourn Kids team, please complete the process below. This application includes an online form and an in-person training. Expect ongoing training in order to keep up-to-date on policies, procedures, and curriculum.  

Step 1:  Interest Survey

Complete the form below (about 15 minutes).


Step 2:  Background Check

After submitting Step 1, expect an email from Caitlin Reyes and Protect My Ministry, which will include the Safety Training (Step 4).


Step 3:  Policies & Procedures Quiz

Please review our Policies & Procedures and complete the quiz below.

Name *
Sojourn Kids volunteers must wear their Sojourn Kids t-shirt every time they serve. *
Parents check in children at a general kiosk and then report to their age-specific classroom. *
Both men and women may assist children in the restroom. *
Toys must be disinfected after every gathering. *
There is nothing distinctly Christian about volunteering in the baby room. *
The #1 goal of Sojourn Kids is to help children become good people. *
There must be at least two volunteers in each room, and they can both be men. *
Under certain circumstances, volunteers may administer physical discipline in the classroom. *
Volunteers may release children from the classroom without a checkout sticker. *
It is the Scheduling Leader's responsibility to secure a replacement after the official schedule has been posted. *

Step 4:  Safety Training

If you have not done so already, please complete the safety training you received with the background check email. 


Step 5:  Volunteer Orientation

After the Director of Sojourn Kids checks your references and receives all application components, she will contact you. Our 2018 volunteer orientations for new team members will be held:

  • Sunday, February 11

  • Sunday, April 29

  • Sunday, August 12

  • Sunday, October 21